The Institute in brief


Mission. The Swiss Real Estate Institute teaches contemporary principles for successful management of real estate businesses with the benefit of its research activities. Its research goals focus on the functional needs of the real estate industry. To this end, it applies self-contained and new models, works independently and across disciplines, and yet remains closely aligned with the practice. In so doing, the Institute fills a gap in the existing learning opportunities in the real estate industry. Besides research, the Institute concentrates on training and the provision of services and advice for the Swiss real estate industry.


Partners. The founding partners of the Swiss Real Estate Institute are HWZ – the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich, Kaufmännische Verband Schweiz and SVIT – the Swiss Real Estate Association. The Institute has been constituted as a foundation attached to the HWZ. It is funded by research grants, the provision of services and advice, donations and fund raising.


Activities directed toward the needs of customers


Relevant. The Institute defines focal topics which are relevant to economic themes and requirements for future actions from the perspective of the Swiss real estate industry. It carries on research, training and service briefs in respect of these topics, in collaboration with partners and with other research bodies.


Practical. The Institute works with practical results and is directed toward the needs of customers, with the aid of guidelines and standards, the availability of tools and the development of performance figures and benchmarks.


Network. The Institute is part of a network in the real estate industry geared toward research and training.





Principles. The Swiss Real Estate Institute teaches contemporary principles for successful management of real estate businesses with the benefit of its research activities. Its focus is on questions relating to growth opportunities, being part of real estate networks and developments in the market generally.


Multi-sectoral. The Institute examines specific questions arising from the interaction between the real estate and finance industries and which are relevant to both.


Interdisciplinary. The Institute is dedicated to dealing with questions of interdisciplinary cooperation between various participants in the real estate industry and examines the development of the potential and value of real estate over its total life cycle. It investigates interfaces and compiles new models to optimise conditions for market participants.


Analysing. The Institute researches past events which have negatively influenced the real estate market, and takes from them the lessons and results needed to establish functioning market relationships.



For Management. Central to the teaching activities of the Institute is the course MAS Master of Advanced Studies in Real Estate Management (MREM), which is aimed at management and young professionals in the finance and real estate industries.


Substantial partners. The MREM course has been developed by substantial partners in the field – HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich and the SVIT Real Estate School – and given an international context by the German Real Estate Academy (DIA) at the University of Freiburg. These partnerships guarantee a high educational standard and substantial know-how of the subject matter.

Bologna-compliant. Alumni of the MREM will benefit from international compatibility and recognition of a qualification from a university of applied sciences, as the master qualification is based on the Bologna model and recognized throughout Europe as having been designed to the latest insights of knowledge and practice. Swiss universities of applied sciences ensure a scientific background to education and attach great value to practical training. Selected experts are invited as advisors, lecturers and persons responsible for training modules. The dual industry orientation of the course offers the combination of aspects of the real estate industry with the finance industry, which the market increasingly requires.



Customized. As part of research briefs, the Institute researches goal-orientated and specific questions which concern interest groups identified in the real estate industry.


Coordinated. The Institute assumes a general coordinating role, establishes the necessary project organization and has access to a pool of students, lecturers and external professionals.


Holistic. In order to respond to specific questions, the Institute applies a self-contained model which is based on a holistic consideration of the project so that it clearly adds value when compared with earlier methods of analysis. In so doing, the two facets of construction and operation (including financing of real estate projects) are complemented by the third facet of external influences: How does the project relate to social, ecological and political developments? And how can the project and management teams achieve their goals in this interaction of these complex challenges?


Partnerships and Donations

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